Ornithological Journals - The Magpie


Intended as a 'Journal of Local Ornithology', The Magpie was first published in 1977 as a companion to the annual report. It includes papers from local birders although its' boundaries have occasionally extended beyond the SBSG recording area. The title of the publication owes its origin to the vast number of Pica pica in this area, and the survey of Magpies, first undertaken in 1946 and repeated every fifth year of the SBSGs' existence [from 1976 onwards].

The publication was never as regular as initially intended and so far editions have been published in 1977, 1981, 1984, 1992 and 2001. The first four of which are now out of print. It seems unlikely that any further issues will be produced, with the introduction of major papers to the annual Sheffield Bird Report in the mid-1990's.

Contents of the full set of Magpies are given below.

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The Magpie No. 1 - 1977

Editors: D. Herringshaw, D. Gosney, P. Leonard (art editor)



Magpies in Sheffield, an interim report of a survey of the breeding population, 1976. (P. Roberts)

Recent Changes in Status of Some Birds in the Sheffield Area. (D. Herringshaw and D. Gosney)

Birds of the Parks, Open Spaces and Woodlands Within the City of Sheffield (A. H. V. Smith)

Rookeries in the Sheffield Area, 1965 - 1975 (D. Gosney)

Gulls in the Sheffield Area, Their Status, Distribution and Numbers. (K. Clarkson)

The Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula at Redmires Reservoirs (A. H. V. Smith)

Observations on Kingfisher Behaviour  (J. Hornbuckle)

Fieldfare Turdus pilaris Nesting in South Yorkshire (A. Baverstock, J. Knight, C. R. McKay)

Apparent Decoy Behaviour in the Cuckoo Cuculus canorus (V. Gibson)

The Magpie No. 2 - 1981 

Editors: D. Herringshaw, K. V. Tayles. Illustrated by: P. Leonard.



The Red Grouse in Lowland Yorkshire (A.G. Blunt)

Winter Wildfowl in the Sheffield Area, 1973 - 78 (G. P. Mawson and A. Crabtree)

A Study of a Winter Gull at Langsett Reservoir (D. S. Marshall)

Observations at a Curlew Nest (K. V. Tayles)

Some Aspects of the Breeding Biology of the Moorhen (J. Hornbuckle)

Behaviour , Food and Voice of Great Grey Shrike (J. Hornbuckle)

Birds of Harthill Reservoir (H. Holland)

Magpie Nesting in an Unusual Industrial Site (P. K. Gill)

Short-eared Owl Hiding Prey (K. V. Tayles)

Notes on Magpie Diet (I. Alcock and P. Warsop)

Lapwings Tail-flicking (K. V. Tayles)

The Magpie No. 3 - 1984

 Editors: D. Herringshaw, D. Whiteley. Illustrated by: P. Leonard.



Starling Roosts in the Sheffield Area, 1979 - 1980 (I. S. Francis)

Moorland Birds in the Peak District (D. W. Yalden)

The Status of the Corn Bunting in the Sheffield Area (S. J. Hayhow)

Survey of Swifts Breeding in the Sheffield Area (J. Hornbuckle)

The Movement of Grey Geese Over Sheffield, 1970 - 1979 (I. S. Francis)

Common Sandpiper Numbers and Recreational Pressures in the Derwent Valley (D. W. Yalden)

Ornithological Collections in Sheffield City Museum (D. Whiteley)

Willow Warbler Alarm Call and Response to Adult Cuckoo (J. Lunn)

Sparrowhawk Taking Nestling Ring Ouzel (J. Lunn)

Take-off of Grounded Swift (J. Hornbuckle)

The Magpie No. 4 - 1992

 Editors: D. Herringshaw, J. Hornbuckle.



A List of the Birds of the Moss Valley (D. J. Glaves)

Rooks Nesting on Electricity Pylons, Stocksbridge, South Yorkshire (J. Hornbuckle)

Behaviour of Redwing and Fieldfare at Roost in South- East Sheffield (D. J. Glaves)

A Study of the Riparian Birds of the River Don In Sheffield (A. J. Morris)

The Status of Shelduck in the Southern Pennine's (D. J. Glaves and A. Grieve)

One Hundred Years on, A Comparison of the Arrival Dates of Summer Migrants in the Barnsley Area. (J. Lunn)

A Survey of the Breeding Birds of Worsborough Country Park (K. D. Robertson)

Contingency Defensive Behaviour of Coot (J. Lunn)

Swans Feeding on Shoreweed (J. Lunn)

Bittern Perching and Adopting Protective Stance in a Tree (J. Lunn)

The Magpie No. 5 - 2001

 Editors: D. Herringshaw, J. Hornbuckle. With illustrations by: Paul Leonard, Carl Corbidge, Richard Hill and John Wright.



Blacka Moor in South Yorkshire - an area of moorland fringe habitats: a 12 year study of selected bird species. (Dr A.H.V. Smith)

 Rookeries in the Sheffield Area 1985 - 1995. (Gillian Constable & Chris Falshaw)

The Waterways Birds Survey on the Rivers Derwent and Noe, Derbyshire 1973 to 1996. (Chris Falshaw, Jon Hornbuckle and Andy Wilson)

The B.T.O. Waterways Bird Survey. The River Derwent, north Derbyshire 25 years from 1973 - 1997. (Mike Archer)

Report of a survey of the parks, woodlands and open spaces in the City of Sheffield, 1995 - 1996. (Mike Fenner)

A Grey Partridge Tale. (Paul Leonard)

Common Sandpipers in the River Ashop-Alport Valley system. (P.K.Holland and D.W.Yalden)

Country Sports. (Jon Hornbuckle)

Female Eurasian Sparrowhawk catching a Eurasian Collared Dove in flight and drowning it. (Robin Carter)