"Dear friends of our birds, Thanks a lot for your great support for our fight against the massive bird slaughter in Egypt!

"Today I want to let you know that our common efforts are already bearing fruits: The German ministry of environment has reacted immediately and demanded an end to the trapping of migratory birds from the government of Egypt. It has also provided 20,000 Euro for urgent activities in the fight against the bird slaughter in Egypt. This money we are using to organize an international meeting including representatives of the Egyptian ministry of environment to develop an action plan aimed at ending the bird trapping.

"Since October this year, my organization NABU, is already employing an expert in Egypt who is preparing this plan and will coordinate its implementation.

"There is also hope on a higher political level: The new Egyptian environment minister, Dr Laila Iskandar, recently promised to the ambassador of Switzerland in Kairo, to attend to this matter. Currently an internal working group is being set up in her ministry, whose task it is to stop the bird slaughter.

"I have asked the Egyptian ambassador in Berlin for a meeting to hand him the petition. The meeting is going to take place probably in the end of November / beginning of December. All signatures we will receive until then are going to be counted out and handed over.

"Therefore, there are some more days remaining to collect further signatures. So far, we are 75,000. Let’s make it 100,000! Please help us, spread this petition again. Please advise all your friends and relatives to this petition by sharing the following link on Facebook or via e-mail:


Thanks a lot to all of you – together we can stop the bird slaughter in Egypt!

Lars Lachmann
Bird Conservation Officer
NABU (BirdLife International partner in Germany)